A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Dwarf City is overrun by evil goblins. 

Kill them all, and then deal with their boss.

The gameplay is the normal hack n’ slash action RPG, the player controls the hero, that have a health and stamina bars. Each chainsaw swing depletes the bar, that slowly refills.  Health is damaged by each hit the hero gets.

While designing this game, we decided to stress out the concept of “Underground” and we found that it could be interesting to set the game in an underground dwarven city. That was the start to start expanding the concept, until we finally decided to set the game in an underground dwarven city overrun by a goblin armada. The player controls the main character and the hero of the story, TechnoDwarvin, an epic dwarvish hero featuring an epic weapon, a steampunk chainsaw that he uses to gore away anyone blocking his way. Out of mead and homesick, the hero makes it back at home, to find his beloved city overrun by the pesky goblins and his father, the King Dwarximus Maximus being hostage of the Goblin Warlord, the evil throne usurper that invaded the peaceful dwarven city.


TechnoDarwinMac.app.zip 19 MB
TechnoDarwinWebGL.zip 6 MB
TechnoDarwinWindows-x86.zip 17 MB
TechnoDarwinWindows-x86_64.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

Either download the webGL build and run the index.html file with any recent web browser or run the Mac app version.


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Nice game! I loved the art in it, only thing I would say is the speed that the player runs at is a bit slow. This might just be my personal preference but maybe something you could change if you were to update it.

Good game, good luck in the jam!

Love the final result, it was a pleasure to jam with you and the rest of the team! Thanks for everything and I will look forward for your next project!